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Dinner at Skycity at the Needle on August 13, 2007

June 9th, 2022 by philippe · No Comments

Skycity at the Needle

SkyCity at the Needle
400 Brod Street
Seattle, WA 98109

+1(206) 905-2100

Steakhouse and seafood

Restaurant: 3.5/5

The location of SkyCity, on the top of the space needle is probably one of the best in Seattle. The view from that rotating restaurant is simply fantastic. The restaurant itself, with it 70s decor, is comfortable. On the down side, toilets are in the staircase, shared with the observation deck.

Service: 1.5/5

The service was alright. Not only smiling is optional at SkyCity but we felt pushed out of the door: The bill arrived on our table, without been requested, as soon as the desert was served.

Food: 1.5/5

As starter, I had the freshly prepared soup of the day. The soup, tomato and rice, was good but totally unexceptional. The kind that you will get in any decent dinner.As main course, I had the artichoke, fennel, mushroom, cipollini onion, sun-dried tomato sofrito and manchego cheese Tarte Tatin. The tarte tatin was served with a scoop of truffle ice cream. What I was expecting was a nice savory tarte, with nicely caramelized vegetables. Well, I was extremely disappointed. Not only the lack of salt is pretty evident but the amount of sugar used denies you any taste of the vegetables. The truffle ice cream is a low grade industrial vanilla ice cream mixed with with truffles. I would be really surprised if anyone is able to taste truffles in it. In one word: awful.

Skycity at the Needle - Lunar Orbiter

As desert, I had their signature lunar orbitor. The lunar orbitor is a Sundae, presented on the top of a dry ice bowl spitting a cloud of smoke (very unique and very fun). Unfortunately, passed the presentation, that desert is very disappointing. Cheap industrial ice cream topped with as cheap industrial chocolate sauce. You’ll get a better sundae at Mc Donald…

Value for money: 1/5

Around $70, including drinks (ice tea and espresso) and tip. The minimum food charge of $35 per guest give you a clear sense of their priority: make money. Neither food or service are priorities at SkyCity. That place should definitively been avoided until a drastic change happen. In the mean time, if you want to enjoy the view, buy a ticket for the observation deck and bring your own food.

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